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Company Policies 

Payments - We accept personal checks made to Harper's Landscaping, Visa and Mastercard, as well as cash.

Payment is due upon completion of your project. There is a 72 hour leeway window for all transactions used by Square through email.

 Deposits - Rarely our projects require a deposit, but if that is the situation the required the percentage or amount is due when quote is accepted.

 Returned Checks - A returned check insures all fees that our financial institution imposes on Harper's Landscaping, LLC to you, the client. If a check is not made good in 7 days it is turned into Pima County Attorneys Office, or appropriate residence.

 Extras and Change Orders - Any additions to a project that would affect the scheduling of our next client will be scheduled at a later date, unless there is time to complete the orders with the time allotted. This allows us to keep our word to all clients and keeps the schedule moving smoothly.

 Materials - H.L offers a small range of plant services, irrigation line replacement, hauling and rock work. However all materials are to be bought by the client. The following items are not available for sale by Harper's;

- Plants

- Poly-Tubing or Irrigation Supplies

- Rock, fill dirt, compost or mulch

- Decorative containers

Services - Harper's Landscaping only hired folks qualified for the scope of work offered by the company, to ensure everyone's safety Harper's does not allow un-staffed persons on the job site until final walk through is conducted.

Harper's Landscaping, LLC has the right to refuse a request.

Cancellations - Terminating or canceling an appointment has a $50 cancellation fee, this is not included in the cancellation of an estimate. Termination of a project while underway gives right for Harper's to collect half the amount quoted, regardless of amount completed.

Privacy - The information traded between Harper's Landscaping, LLC and clients remains confidential, guaranteed to remain only between the involved parties.

Website Terms & Conditions : You Must be at least 18 years of age to use this site fully. Unless otherwise stated Harper's owns the intellectual property rights in the website 

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