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Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

 Most people in the Tucson area switch landscapers up to five times in one year, we're here to put an end to the constant search for a reliable, honest and trustworthy landscaper. Harper's sets a level of high standards within our company to set ourselves apart in the industry. Our promise is to always be prompt, affordable and efficient while remaining as environmentally friendly as possible.

 Home Owners Association rules and city regulations will no longer be an issue for our clients, as we have not only years of experience but a life long passion of landscaping and gardening. Giving us the knowledge to help our customers with every step needed to keep their plants and over all landscape looking as healthy and manicured as possible.

Did you receive an HOA letter? No worries! Our company will be at your doorstep in just 48 - 72 hours!

New customers fill out a yard consultation request form, existing customers fill out the service request form! 

Someone will respond via email to arrange further processes.

 We guarantee our customers to be happy with their yards and service year after year, by treating every customer with the respect they deserve, and taking the time to care for every yard like our own.

We understand the importance of good character and integrity within our company, as well as the importance of who arrives on your door step. Background checks are required and taken into high consideration before being hired onto the Harper's crew.

This not only helps us bring you the best quality, but also ensures safety and peace of mind to our customers.

 Employees will only be hired after they have passed a background check.

To go along with our wonderful customer service and overall landscape experience, we go over every tool being used. Per job, per customer. Know what happens in your yard, every step of the way.

Harper's ensures clean tools to keep diseases from spreading yard to yard, and will clean the tools after every cut when diseases are found. This is our commitment to your plants, after all, they deserve satisfaction as well! 

All chemicals used on our weed control applications are safe for children and pets once application is dry.

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You're positive feedback is important to Harper's Landscaping, LLC. We take great pride in our 5 star rating and in providing above industry standard services in every aspect. Please note that if you are looking to give positive feedback to our company please do so at, as Yelp continues to put most reviews into non - recommended. I apologize to any clients whose reviews may have gone there, as I can not control this matter. Please understand this is not the doing of Harper's Landscaping, but the doing of the site itself as Yelp controls the companies ratings based on who pays the most for advertising and such. To keep prices affordable to all of our clients Harper's does not purchase internet advertising.

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