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Trimming, Pruning and Planting

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Trees, cactus and ornamental plants are looking better than ever with us!

We make sure all of your plants stay beautiful and healthy by not only properly pruning and trimming;

but by sanitizing all of tools from one job to another.

This helps stop the spread of infectious virus' from one plant to another.

Don't give dangerous snakes and bugs a place to habitat! Leaving your plants neglected creates a haven for these poisonous critters.

 We offer you all maintenance services necessary to give you a safe yard, guaranteed to satisfy the customer and their neighborhood HOA.


Services Include :

-Monthly / Bi-Monthly 

- Spring / Fall Yard Clean Up

- Tree Trimming, Planting and Removal

- Ornamental Trimming, Planting and Removal

- Cactus Trimming, Planting, and Removal

- Weed Removal

-Grass Seeding

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