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Weed Eradication and Control

Our valuable, yet affordable weed removal and control services is our specialty. We use quality products and make sure to take the time to identify every yard with our customers.

I wont tell you that the weeds will "die and blow away" because I know we have all seen a field of dead weeds in Arizona. Instead Harper's is offering customers complete weed eradication and only use products that are made for the durable weeds in Arizona.

Making sure to keep you weed free for as long as possible with our tips and tricks of the trade.

Understanding that weed control (as all pest control) is an imperfect science and that every yard is different, is why we proud to offer a "Weed Free" guarantee.

it doesn't matter if the seeds are in the germination process, weeds are popping through the dirt, or if they're 6 ft. tall, Harper's handles them all!

You will not have to worry about your windows and doors because we eliminate the weeds from the root of the problem. We believe pulling them completely out of the ground not only helps us keep our word, but gives the customer the most visually appealing yard by discarding the entire weed.

With years of experience, and our weed free guarantee, we are sure to have a package deal waiting for you.

Are you ready for your weed free summer!?

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